Just like musical instruments we need to be tuned in order to flourish. The crystals, as well as the sound of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and gongs are wonderful tools for rebalancing and harmonizing in order to restore well-being and joy, self-confidence and inner peace.


Sound is a vibration that makes everything move.
Sound is beginning, ending and new beginning: return to silence …
Sounds are as old as humanity and largely influence life, our body, our mutual relationships, those we have with the environment but especially those we have with ourselves.
The body is 80% water. Sounds, vibrations, words and thoughts influence our body cells.
The sounds cross water 4 times faster than air does (1424 m / sec versus 335 m / sec)


The Japanese Masaru Emoto has scientifically proven that water can be programmed.
Even in the uterus, babies are already responding to sounds.

Everything is vibration as Pythagoras claimed. The entire cosmos constantly sings a song.
Tibetan bowls (as well as crystal bowls) are made of different metals and thus produce harmonics. The vibrations of these harmonics are not only picked up by the ear but are felt and welcomed by all the cells of the body. They help to adjust the body vibration, the one that resonates with health, love, joy and so on. This is why the sound of bowls can influence the repair of the human energy body.
The vibrations induce a deep calm. Blockages are lifted, fears and resistances are removed, which creates a sense of relaxation and peace. The self-healing capacities of the body are thus stimulated.
Each individual has his own vibration, always moving and changing. Each sound will be perceived differently. What will surface from your inner being can thus trigger a process of healing and transformation.