Individual care

Individual care is a healing or a conscious support adapted to everyone who comes for a healing. The latter can be in the form of Reiki, healing, purification, lifting blockages, shamanic methods, sound therapy etc.
I have a wide range to help you move forward or help you solve problems. Everything happens according to your capacity of assimilation and tends towards your personal development and the increase of your own frequency. This will strenghten your love capacity and your soul will become fully rooted in your body.
Afterwards, you will receive 'homework' in order to integrate and appropriate the movedenergies.
I offer support after the session.


Individual care and accompaniment

  • self-confidence
  • release of trauma
  • find your life-purpose
  • free yourself from burnout and depression
  • support for fertility
  • on your way to sexual fulfillment
  • mourning and accompaniment
  • removal of entities
  • removal of implants
  • find your own space

Deep cleaning of the chakras and balancing the energy body

Every event and every thought influence the energy system. All body cells will be affected. It is therefore important for our health that energy is in motion, that it circulates, that it changes. When energy gets stuck or blocked, an imbalance is created and expressed either mentally, emotionally or physically.
The body will always indicate a blockage of energy.
Each body, however, has a self-healing ability. An unbalanced body has a disrupted energy system and an impaired self-healing ability, which can cause psychic or bodily problems.
Supporting the energy system is always the basis of each treatment.
The energetic body has 7 chakras that spin like wheels to absorb or expel energy. If you are aware of your chakras you can feel if there is a blockage or if the flow stopped. Clearing the chakras will restore the energy flow and prevent new blockages or problems.