I am of Belgian origin and live in France.
I am a holistic therapist with 30 years of experience, a Reiki Master (Shambala, Haridas lineage), healer, sonotherapist, medicine woman and initiator in the field of the feminine and the sacred masculine.

I have been connected to Source and Earth since my childhood.

At twenty, due to an illness never diagnosed, I came close to death. It was at this moment that I made the choice to live and to serve humanity as a channel between the Divine Mother and Mother Earth.

I live in a fabulous place in the Cathar region, in a vortex. I have developed a deep contact with the divine, the beings of nature and the human beings through my powerful connection with nature and my own source.

I am very touched by both the oppressed feminine energies and the wounded male energies.

I am intimately connected to the energy of Mary Magdalene and to the frequency of the sacred feminine. As an initiator, I am able to open doors to regain the consciousness and power of the "sexual" nature which is the true animated force of vital energy. The intention is to circulate it freely, in alignment with the heart.

I can feel the obstacles requiring attention in my clients, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is multidimensional work.

My greatest passion is reconnecting people with their Higher Self and Mother Earth, through the heart and in resonance with the Whole. My methods are simple and powerful.
It was in the experience of my own life that I learned compassion, love, strength and the joy of living.

I bring the soul back to a living experience through voice and sound in sonotherapy.

When in nature and in a peaceful state, I easily pick up information from the Great Central Sun / Source. It is a knowing without any thought.

I am ready to share my knowledge with all those who seek to become aware and live in touch with life itself.

When we are connected to ourselves, we are never alone anymore.