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The path of Mary Magdalene

Spiritual journey in the land of the Cathars

Mysteryschool Ma-Ra in Southern France

is a vortex-place in la Tourette-Cabardès
where you are connected
with the 5th dimension,
with the Pleiades, Sirius and the Earth-grid.
It is truly a place of transformation and magic.


  1. Crystal Light Body Activation
  2. You learn to experience and to work with your light body. Together we activate it every day. At the same time you receive tools to embody the fifth dimension in your daily life.
    Follow your heart and truth in action!
    We work with Sacred Geometry, with the activation of the 17 chakras, with sounds and colours and all that is needed in resonance with the groupenergy.

  3. Walk and live the path of Mary Magdalene
  4. You will receive initiations at beautiful sacred Mary Magdalene places

  5. Activation of the earth grail, the golden grail and the crystal grail in our body
  6. You become more receptive to the earth energies, the divine love, the crystal energies and you will be able to integrate them into your physical body.

  7. We will work intensively and with personal attention and love
  8. I choose to work with small groups, because the safety of the group, the uniqueness of everyone, the love and compassion for each other create a groupenergy that causes transformation with ease and grace

  9. The journey includes the date of the 22nd of July
  10. On this special day we celebrate Mary Magdalene: surprise?!


  • Dates
  • 16 – 23 July 2019.
    You are welcome the 16 th of July from 3 pm. We finish the 23rd of July around noon.

  • Adress
  • La Tourette-Cabardès, in front of the church, 30 km from Carcassonne

  • Phone
  • 0033 4 68 26 32 39

  • Participation and inscription
    • limited places, maximum 10 participants
    • if you are interested contact me by phone (0033 4 68 26 32 39) or mail ( for more information and leave me your landline or whatsapp number for a first contact
  • Included
    • lodging and food
    • entrances at all Sacred Places
    • workshop and initiations
    • transport to the Sacred Places
    • transport Airport Carcassonne – La Tourette-Cabardès

  • Not included
    • transport to France