The sacred feminine and its application

Since my teenage years, I feel, deep within me, that sexuality is not such as it has been presented, shown or taught to us.
For me, it felt as only one side of the coin and I therefore started looking for the other side, the one that resonated and vibrated with my deepest feelings, like the tantric way and the Tao of women. Finally my own experiences have opened the doors to sacred sexuality through the awareness of my own body, this wonderful instrument that makes it possible to feel life intensely, in every cell.
Sexual energy is also our life energy. When it is blocked it will affect our health physically, psychically, mentally and spiritually.
It is exactly this energy that I used to heal myself.
How to live this ecstatic state in everything we do? How to radiate this energy and make it available to humanity who can then feed on it?
Today, during my workshops I use this energy, which is Love, as a gateway to our multidimensionality.
Indeed, we have the opportunity to remember who we are to live in consciousness and to acquire the consciousness of unity in making love. For this, there are three fundamental keys: love, trust and security, which include: listening to our body, giving up and letting go
of control. Since each obstacle hides a treasure, old traumas can thus be transformed.
Moreover, through mastery, we can access a vital energy of Unconditional Love and purity that can be applied daily as a transformative energy.

De plus, par la maîtrise, nous pouvons accéder à une énergie vitale d’Amour Inconditionnel et de pureté qui peut s’appliquer au quotidien comme une énergie transformatrice.
Thus, through this vital energy, we can connect to our own source and live a state of ecstasy and fusion in the greatest independence. Our relationships become atypical but we remain free. We also reach a creative force that creates Abundance, Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy … We fly like an eagle, always higher and free … We radiate from our center and can touch the others.